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someones just a tad excited

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nagisa was not allowed to join in

i am a bad admin

text coming out today!!!

i swear once school ends in like two weeks ill be super active again ok!!!

lots of shit going down between then though

ive also been wasting my life on flight rising to ignore the piles of hw

Ill still try to update daily anyhow!!! But no promises :c

-admin gay sama

nagisa watered him with a hose behind makoto’s back

hey guys!

im so sorry i havent been updating

life is really hectic over here lately (and will continue to be til the semester ends honestly)

but you’ll get a little text today! 

bear with me,

Admin Gay Sama


After a full day of wearing this shirt I can conform medium size is like XL for short people like me

shout out to my boobs for being big enough to make the shirt not look as big :D

also gomen about the dragon, its taking over everything D:

also this shirt is great for Autumn and winter~~

never be sorry for dragons

this club isnt sustainable

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Idk when this happened but i’ve just discovered this blog is mentioned on tv tropes

thats it

my lifes complete 

don’t worry makoto let him back in

please know you’re loved