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being nitori is suffering and rin is getting tired of momo’s shit because he always has to clean it up

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SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Had a good day at work AND got my amazing sticker from admin gay sama and the wonderful people at textsfromgayswimmers.

I’m so glad you liked it!!!!!


Free! Eternal Summer Episode 8 SUBBED links!

For those who have elite accounts, find the episode either on:

Please, if you have the money support these sites!

For others, go here

The show is premiering at 11:30 AM EST.

I’m posting this roughly ten minutes earlier so people can be ready! 

In addition! Episode 7 will be available for everyone to watch on the Crunchyroll site today! 

Now go on my lil swimmers! 

makoto didn’t have the heart to stop them (also asking your little siblings to help tear off duct tape from your arms in legs was the worst idea he ever had. Haru watched that too)

theres a text i made coming to you tomorrow!

but i just wanted to give a heads up that training starts tomorrow for me which means im busy 7am to 6:30 pm ahahahaha 

so its mostly gonna be submits for the week 

just a heads up

kiss me

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Momo asks Rin if he thinks that Gou would go out with him if he changed his hairstyle but Gou autocorrects to 'you'



this has been a word from our sponsors

and Momo didn’t text Gou for a whole day

makoto has a sense of self preservation today

updates on admins life

ok so this is mostly just a heads up on stuff going down with me, admin gay sama

Tomorrow i move back into my dorm and monday I start training. I’m gonna be an RA (residential assistant—aka person in charge of the floor in the dorm) this year which means I have a weeks worth of training to undergo. Then I have to chaperone freshman for a week during orientation. And then school starts. Basically my life starts getting hectic tomorrow!

I will still be updating this blog as much as I can. Dont worry! I’m just gonna be helluva lot busier and stuff so its probs not gonna be everyday. Thats why submissions would be super rad. Wink Wink. 

but yeah. thats it. just wanted to let y’all know