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haru will not miss his d(olphin) show

and then momo learned the song and everyone suffered

yeah i just wanted to involve kisumi

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aka why i havent been on

basically ive been sick on and off for the past like 2-3 weeks and it really sucks

it stops any sense of motivation and i just dont feel that funny :/

and i kept tellin myself i would update when i got better but its taking too damn long

—end rant—

 first: i promise i’ll update soon, a submission i dug up will be posted today!

second: i wanted to check in on you guys cause we’re reaching another milestone for the blog very soon and i was wondering what kinda thing you would want from me this time

a video (like last time)? of what? something else? tell me plz?

haru and rin have different tactics to solve the problem

In which 4th grade Nagisa writes down all of their phone numbers so he can text them first thing once he gets his own phone.

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He may be bigger, but he’s still Nagisa’s prey.

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ps: your url is fucking amazing

no guys dont worry he said friendly

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My stickers came. Epic project involving them to come. So excited!